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4 Salon Decorating Ideas

Beauty salons thrive when they create comfortable and attractive atmospheres. Most people head to a salon to get pampered and feel beautiful, so the last thing they want is to end up in an ugly or uncomfortable salon. You can easily create a beautiful, welcoming salon that entices customers to come back again and again with the right interior design.

Salon decorating

Whether simple or complex, the right interior design helps your business.

The best way to develop the perfect décor for your salon is to develop a theme. Then, you can choose wall paint, paintings, mirrors, furniture, and more based on the central theme to create your salon’s image. Color and scent can facilitate the creation of an environment, so they should be important considerations in bringing your theme to life. If you are looking for some ideas for decorating your salon, then the following blanket themes should give you some inspiration.


Stress is one of the highest preventable contributors to health problems in the United States. Beauty salons provide many stress relieving services, especially if they also offer a day spa. You can further enhance the stress relieving aspects of your services by choosing a tranquility theme for your spa. You can use comfortable furniture that just helps the stress melt away as soon as your clients sit down.

Salong decorating

The right combination of colors and scents can create an relaxing atmosphere.

Color choice can really help facilitate a relaxing, stress-free environment. Colors have been shown to trigger emotions, including stress and relaxation. For example, red increases the body’s stress response, while colors in the blue family trigger relaxation and calm. Therefore, you should choose colors in the blue family for your tranquil salon. Pastels and white environments are also good choices for soothing atmospheres, according to an article in the Huffington Post. You can further enhance the relaxation with aromatherapy, especially using lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and ylang ylang.


Modern décor can perfectly enhance a salon in a cosmopolitan area, especially if it is in a modern building. You want to start with choosing a color scheme. Typically, white and neutral colors make for the best background colors for the vibrant colors you should use as accent pieces. You want to first choose a color theme or pallet. You can use more than one color, but they should all be in the same color family or complement one another.

Salong decorating

Don’t be afraid to go bold if you are looking for a modern design.

You should use the vibrant colors on an accent wall and/or for your furniture. If you do not feel you have enough color, then you can add brightly colored paintings on the wall and have bright flowers around the shop. The right flowers can also generate a beautiful and enticing scent to your salon. When you choose furniture, you want to go for sleek and contemporary pieces.


You can never go wrong with a classic salon, especially in an older building. The idea behind a classic look is to use timeless styles, which means choosing pieces that will never go out of fashion. To create the right classic salon, you want to choose more neutral tones, although you can use bolder colors for accent pieces, although stick to navy blue, black, or dark green. Additionally, you should shop for furniture and accessories with longevity in mind. Classic pieces are built using fabrics, colors, and styles meant to last for an extended period of time.

Salon decorating

Classic can also be comfortable and modern, as long as it isn’t trendy.

Because it stays away from trends, a classic theme is a sophisticated and understated décor that is highly functional without being boring, according to


One fun decoration idea is to go retro and create a salon that harkens back to decades past when women would head to the beauty salon for socializing and gossiping. People enjoy the nostalgia offered by places like this, and it is especially great if your salon is in an older building that would perfectly match the retro look you create. You can buy some old-fashioned and vintage salon pieces to create the illusion, although you should mix them in with more modern equipment so that you still offer the best services. For the rest of your furniture, you should look for antique and vintage pieces. It helps to choose one particular decade and then make your decisions based on that. Otherwise, you could end up with a busy and hackneyed design that does not work.

When decorating your salon, always start with a theme. Do not forget to include the exterior of your building in the consideration when choosing to ensure you pick something that complements the exterior. Additionally, you want to use something that will appeal to your target audience. You always want to keep this theme in mind when buying anything for your salon, including the wall paint, art, uniforms, electronics, desks, chairs, lighting fixtures, and more, for a comprehensive look.

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