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5 Easy Ways to Find Cosmetology Jobs

Cosmetology jobs

Let’s find a career in beauty!

If you’ve recently graduated from cosmetology school or are exploring other options for your beauty career, make sure you’re taking full advantage of resources available for finding cosmetology jobs in your area. Your dream job may be right under your nose but it can take some time to make the right connections and submit a stellar application. Here are just five easy ways to find cosmetology jobs that are the right match for your career goals:

#1: Check Online Job Boards Daily

You’ll find many cosmetology jobs listed in the classifieds section of online newspapers, on Craigslist, and on major online job sites. Start browsing listings daily so you can find out who is hiring and what the typical requirements are for positions you are interested in. You may find out you need to take a few continuing education courses in a specific area to update your skills or complete a special training program to qualify for certain positions. Whatever the case may be, reviewing job descriptions and positions online is a great place to get started.

Cosmetology jobs

Reach to spas and salons for job opportunities.

#2: Reach Out to Salons and Spas in the Area

Many cosmetology jobs for licensed professionals are not advertised because the company might hire from within, reach out to beauty schools on their own, or ask for recommendations from existing employees. If you’re new to the beauty business or are moving to a new area, it can help to be proactive. Reach out to salons and spas in the area to find out if they have any open positions or will be looking for new staff members in the near future.

#3: Check In with an Area Cosmetology School

Many cosmetology schools and vocational schools in your area have job boards available to graduating students and those looking for jobs or internships. You can find out who is hiring in your area and review these job descriptions in detail to see if there is a match. Find out if a mailing list is available so you can receive job notifications via email and apply right away.

Cosmetology jobs

Post a professional resume online so employers can find you.

#4: Post Your Resume Online

Update your resume with a listing of programs you have completed, any continuing education classes you have taken, license information, and related experience. You can post your resume on online job boards so employers can find you based on a candidate search. Make sure your resume includes contact information and presents you as a professional. You may consider hiring a professional writer to create a resume that attracts the right types of employers and puts you one step ahead of other candidates.

#5: Attend Industry Networking Events

Even if you’re just breaking into the beauty industry, attending industry networking events can be a great way to meet other professionals and be known within the community. These events might include skincare and makeup trade shows, hair and fashion shows, or even presentations from local beauty schools, spas, and salons in the area. Be sure to take along a stack of business cards so that potential employers have an easy way to contact you. Simply letting people know that you are available can be enough to help you get in touch with a manager that takes care of the hiring process.

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