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5 Tips for Getting Your Cosmetology License

It’s the final stretch. You’ve decided that you want to become a cosmetologist and are preparing to take the cosmetology licensing exam for the first time. While yes, the pressure is on, but the test prep process doesn’t have to be stressful so long as you come prepared. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.) Put It On The Calendar

Cosmetology license

Put important cosmetology license dates in your planner.

Do yourself a favor and map out a personalized timeline from when you start studying or going to school for cosmetology and when you’ll actually take the exam. Putting these deadlines on your calendar will help you stay organized and keep you accountable. Licensing exams often include a written portion and practical application portion. The latter is often scheduled by your state licensing board so make sure you keep that date available.

2.) Get Advice From Others

One way to ease the stress of getting your cosmetology license is to talk to someone else that’s survived the process. Find a friend, colleague, or mentor that’s been through the process and ask them for their best advice for taking the exam. If you don’t know anyone in person that can help, there’s always the internet. Find a message board or cosmetology community online and ask for tips there. Cosmetologists are typically people persons and willing to help a fellow beauty-lover.

3.) Study & Schooling

Cosmetology license

Check out books to help you study for the cosmetology licensing exam.

Be as prepared as possible. This may mean enrolling in a cosmetology school or studying on your own. Check out books, DVDs, and even go on your state board’s website to brush up on the laws and regulations specific to your state. Make sure you give yourself enough time to not only read over all this information, but retain it too. There are no shortcuts when it comes to this step.

4.) Learn De-Stressing Strategies

Studies have shown that meditating before taking an exam can lead to better grades. Use this to your advantage. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure of the exam especially during the practical portion when other people are watching you closely. But if you use something like a mantra to keep you calm, you’ll be less likely to panic or forget something you’ve been learning about for months.

5.) Remember the Big Picture

If you find yourself getting caught up or frustrated with the logistics of exam scheduling or everything you need to study, remember why you’ve started this whole process to begin with. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’re on your way to your dream career. All of the work will be worth it if it means the chance to do what you love for a living.

Keep these tips in mind as you start the cosmetology licensing process and if you’ve already passed the exams and need to take continued education classes, check out our courses.

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