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5 Unique Ways Cosmetologists Can Use Instagram To Get Clients

It’s good for more than just filters. Instagram, with its more than 400 million users, has become one of the most popular social media platforms and tools for brands and independent cosmetologists alike to promote their business.

The simple interface and increase in mobile photo editing apps have made it easier than ever for beauty professionals to bring their work to the world. But what are the most unique and strategic ways to leverage Instagram to get new clients?

1.) Give a Peek #BTS


Pique potential clients’ curiosity with behind the scenes photos.

The popular hashtag is short for “behind the scenes.” Photo and video-driven social media like Instagram and Snapchat give cosmetologists the unique opportunity to show the public what goes into things like weddings, photoshoots, and events.

Makeup artists like Mario Dedivanovic have amassed millions of followers in thanks partly to documenting behind the scenes work on clients like Kim Kardashian. Even if you aren’t working with celebrities (yet!), showing #BTS work can attract new followers browsing the hashtag and remind current clients that you’re not just limited to working in the salon.

2.) Feature Your Best Work

Instagram is a free way to advertise your best work to a world-wide audience. Beauty lovers and potential clients flock to the platform specifically for inspiration and education. By providing quality photos of your unique work or simple video tutorials you can show rather than just tell potential clients your talent.

Likewise, your clients may already be posting your great work on their personal Instagram accounts. By making sure to have your own presence on the platform, you’re ensuring those cross-promotional opportunities aren’t lost.

3.) Share Your Secrets

Obviously, you want to keep a few tricks up your sleeve, but featuring the products you use on Instagram can help build your client base. Again, you’re providing education to your followers and establishing yourself as an expert in the field.

Showing authentic love for a particular product may also garner the attention of that particular brand on social media and they may repost your work and thus expose your business to their thousands (or even millions) of followers.

4.) Keep Conversations Going

Instagram isn’t just about the photos. Comments and conversations are just as valuable to cosmetologists trying to build a client base. Social media is personal. People are putting themselves out there and especially when it comes to posting beauty related shots, everyone appreciates an encouraging word or even positive emoji or two.

Cosmetologists can provide those personable interactions with the people that comment on their content as well as proactively post comments of the photos of other beauty lovers i.e. potential clients.

5.) Have Fun with Promotions


Cosmetologists can use Instagram to run promotions during busy months like wedding season.

While your Instagram feed shouldn’t be made up entirely or promos, they are a great way to get new clients. You can use the platform to share Instagram-exclusive discounts on your services or let your followers know that you’re available for hire during the upcoming wedding season. Cosmetologists can and should get creative with their Instagram promotions and use things like contests to engage followers and attract new business.

Since cosmetology is a people-person’s business, it only makes sense for professionals in the industry to use social media to the fullest. Keeping these tips in mind, cosmetologists can use Instagram to not only get their work out to the world, but engage with their clients in a way that’s personal, and ongoing in between appointment. For more beauty business tips, check out our blog or learn about our online courses.

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