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6 Hot Hairstyles for 2016

Keep your clients current with the hot, must-have hairstyles for 2016. The models on the runways and catwalks of New York, Paris and London have spoken – not literally, but through their gorgeous hair. For every woman, hot hairstyles and colors must complement their skin tone.

Color Melting

Color melting has an amazing effect on hair. It looks natural, since the highlights are applied in various tones – darker at the roots, lighter in the middle and on the ends. Bolder clients might opt for lavender and raspberry tinges. While the colorist requires more time to create the look, the client doesn’t need to return as often for touch-ups. While more common on shoulder-length and longer styles, color melting can also work on shorter cuts. Even as the hair grows out, it retains that natural appearance, rather than the two-toned look of a single color.


If you have small children, you know their hair sports subtle highlights. The babylights trend started a few years ago and shows no sign of growing old. These delicate highlights, just a shade or so lighter than your client’s natural hair color, focus on the crown, tips and about the hairline. It’s a lighter look that’s much more subdued than standard highlighting. Babylights are also much less maintenance than highlights.

The Year of the Redhead


Is it ever not the year of the redhead?

Overall color trends are natural – no more fluorescent hues. While natural colors are in, one shade that relatively few are born with is the color for 2016. That’s red, a la Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore and Prince Harry. For blonds, the sun-kissed look is back, along with platinum blond, an exception to the natural trend. For brunettes, the look is rich and warm.
Love That Bob

The bob, the iconic hairstyle of the 1920s, is back in full force nearly a century later. Of course, it’s an au courant version, focusing on texture and a bit of tousle. Whether your client’s hair is straight or wavy, this classic cut is a winner. The wavy bob has earned the inevitable nickname “wob.”

Seriously Long Hair

In 2016, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between – hair is either quite short or seriously long. For those clients who don’t want the equally serious upkeep accompanying long hair, extensions are the way to go. Genuine or extended, texture is the keyword for long locks, with that comfortable look appropriate for day or night.

Bangs are Back

Bobs and bangs complement each other, and bangs with a bob are the current height of chic. That’s true no matter the hair texture – thick, fine, straight or curly – as long as it’s natural. Bangs aren’t just for bobs, though. This year, fringe is in for medium and longer lengths.


Start your year off with some bangs.

Stay Up-to-Date

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