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7 Ways to Attract Male Clients to Your Salon

Man getting his hair cut in a salon.

Making your salon male-friendly can bring in additional clients. 

Running your own salon business is something for which your cosmetology education likely prepared you, at least partially. In short, it means providing your clients with the services they want and doing it in a way that says you are are the go-to place for the perfect look.

One important facet of running a business is bringing new clientele to the door, and salon owners should put out the welcome mat for both men and women. Men have become more comfortable receiving fashionable grooming. As this trend continues, the shops that cater to both men and women are likely to thrive financially.

Advertise Services for Both Men and Women

Advertising is important whether it is on your website pages, brochures you offer, or in hard print. It starts with the shop itself. Making men and women comfortable in the salon is one way to advertise that your services are not just available to women but that you offer an atmosphere that men will find appealing. Choosing interior wall colors is the first step. Vivid pink shouts women only, while neural colors are inviting to both men and women. An air of urban sleek, whether your shop is located in the big city or a small town, attracts clients with the financial ability to afford top-notch services and products.

Do Not Put the Men on Display

Men are looking to the vast services a salon offers to look better and younger and are comfortable going to a salon to do it. However, they may be uncomfortable being on display. One way to avoid this is to have male treatment rooms. In addition, offer couple’s rooms if your space allows it. Men will feel better coming for the first time this way.

Put Services for Men on the Menu

It is a good idea to have a list of all services you offer for men. This can range from hairstyling to color treatments as well as facials, face and neck shaves, and both pedicures and manicures. Don’t mix these services in with those offered to women. The average male will not want to peruse the list to find out what is meant for them. Learn to compartmentalize your menu, so your male clients can find their own section easily. They’ll appreciate it.

Man with a beard sitting in a chair.

Having a list of services offered for men lets them choose what they want without having to ask.

Make Waiting Areas Male-Friendly

It almost goes without saying there are few men who would feel comfortable paging through a magazine geared toward women. Make sure your waiting area has men’s fashion and style magazines for them to look at while they are waiting.

Odors Can Chase Men Out the Door

If there is one odor that most men do not appreciate, it is the smell of nail care products, particularly acrylic nails. If your shop offers this service, perhaps it is worth it to rearrange things a bit and separate the nail salon part of your business. Truth be told, it might be easier on female customers too. Having good ventilation also helps.

Retail Products

Successful shops usually have a good product inventory. Men are no strangers to accepting advice on products that can help them look their best. Make sure you carry a good product line. Offer advice on what products best suit their needs. Men are not opposed to spending money on things that will make them feel and look better.

Man getting his hair washed in a salon.

If men are pleased with a salon’s services, they may recommend it to their friends and family.

Getting Referrals

Getting started with offering men’s salon services may seem slow at first. Speed it up with referrals. Your female clients have brothers, boyfriends, spouses, or business associates who they can encourage to give your salon a try. You might offer a welcoming coupon they can pass on to a friend or relative. After a recommended customer finds their way to you, offer the referrer a coupon for beauty products. It’s a win-win situation.

Keeping Your Cosmetology Education Alive

After the long days of training are over, cosmetologists still need to take continuing education courses to stay abreast of new trends and keep their license up-to-date. Doing it online makes it easier for cosmetology professionals who have little spare time between long hours at work and family pressure at home.

Just go online at Beauty Academy, and download material for selected courses. After you are done reviewing it, download the test and submit it. You’ll be able to download your certificate of completion too. If you have any questions, just give us a call, and our experienced representatives will provide you with the information you need.  Click this link to check out our courses.

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