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What Steps Can You Take to Create an Eco-Friendly Salon?

People are bombarded throughout the day with chemicals included in their foods and their home products. One idea that is fast taking hold and becoming popular is the eco-friendly salon. With concern about the climate and sustainability, going eco-friendly is something that clients will appreciate as a salon reduces their exposure to potentially harmful products. […]

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How to Use Your Hairstyling Skills to Help Others

Hair stylists already expand on their work by making their clients feel good about themselves, and helping others is a big part of cosmetology. Helping people outside the salon is a great way to make new friends, participate in the community, and serve others at the same time. Taking your continuing education classes at an […]

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8 Characteristics of Successful Salons

Salons that are popular and successful often have certain things in common. In part, it is through the recruiting of good employees and keeping up with the latest popular hairstyles and trends. However, it may also include keeping both clients and employees happy to reduce turnover. Because there is a lot of competition among salons, […]

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Should Your Nail Salon Offer Nail Art?

Nail art has burst upon the scene and has taken on a life force of its own. Artistic creativity shines through many of the designs, and clients are clamoring for more. While salons in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles are named among the best, new shops are opening every day introducing new nail artists. […]

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9 Tips for Hiring Salon Employees

Whether you are just setting up your salon or have been in business for some time, hiring salon employees is something you need to do. It is also important to make sure that the employees you hire are in sync with the way you present yourself to clients. Since many salons experience high turnover, having […]

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How to Handle Kids in Your Salon

If you own a salon, you know that maintaining tranquility is sometimes challenging. Clients hope to get away from the stresses of life and spend a little “me” time. The hope to pamper oneself in a quiet environment can be broken by the sound of young voices raised in play. While children are our pride […]

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