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9 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Beauty Routine

It’s a brand new year full of opportunities! Many people have a list of resolutions to lose weight, save money, or get more organized. Something you might not think about is improving your beauty routine. Here are 9 ways to resolve for a better beauty routine in 2016. 1. Stress Less Stress can impact every […]

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It’s NOT All About the Dress

It’s a new year and the new spring fashions are about to hit the runway. Stylists and cosmetologists should take notice of the hair and makeup that the models are wearing for the spring collections. Many of those haute couture dresses will be one of a kind, but the hair and makeup are far more […]

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Why Do I Need Continuing Educaton in Cosmetology?

Many individuals wrongly believe that cosmetology doesn’t undergo many changes that require continued education. It is true that practices do not change often. However, safety standards and laws do update on occasion, necessitating continued education in the cosmetology field. Safety and sanitation standards may change, requiring training in order to safely assist clients. Without attending […]

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How to Change Your Career to Cosmetology in 2016

2016 is here, and the arrival of the new year makes an excellent time to set those career goal resolutions. Cosmetology continues to be a top choice for both primary and secondary careers since it affords flexibility in time and location, an ever-expanding client base, and the potential to be a small-business owner shortly after […]

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6 Beauty Trends Poised to Take Over in 2016

New year, new looks. Keep your clients looking chic with the latest trends in hair, nails and make-up. While colors never seen in nature were big in 2015, that’s not the case this year. Artifice is waning, while natural is making a strong comeback. Six beauty trends in particular are poised to take over in […]

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Marketing Your Salon for the Menaissance

Is your salon ready for the Menaissance? It’s no secret that salons have traditionally served female clientele, but these days more and more men are finding new ways to style themselves, and savvy salon owners are figuring out how to tap into this growing client base. However, this isn’t the “metrosexual” movement all over again; […]

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