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Beauty Academy Cosmetology School

Beauty Academy is a cosmetology school that is intuitive and attentive to the needs of cosmetologists, barbers, massage therapists and nail technicians. It seeks to provide high quality, cost-effective continuing education to help enhance your career in a way that’s hassle-free and even fun.

Cosmetology School

As a professional in the cosmetology field, you can help others look and feel their best.


This cosmetology school operates under the leadership of Steve Preins, who serves as the Beauty Academy Director of Education. He is a noted trainer and educator who has over two decades of experience in addition to multiple credentials from both Washington University and Florida International University. All instructors are carefully screened and chosen specifically for their level of expertise, dedication to beauty professionals, and experience in the field.

Stay In The Know

Beauty Academy provides consistently updated information about individual state requirements regarding licensing and thriving throughout your education and career. Whether you are considering a move to another state or are perhaps unsure of whether you will meet next year’s licensing requirements, you can check in on the cosmetology school’s website. If you just feel like you want to expand your knowledge or brush up on a certain subject, you can do that, too.

Top Notch Courses

The courses that you will find at Beauty Academy stand out for the thoroughness of their contest and how accessible they still are. Although you may cover a lot of material, you are taught in an entertaining way that makes learning an inviting experience. Among the courses that you can take are Blood-borne Pathogens, Business Practices for Salon Owners & Employees, Protecting Your Clients and Yourself, and Nail Salons Hazards & Safety.

Cosmetology School

Help others look picture perfect! Learning traditional and holistic beauty treatments are a part of the continuing education of a cosmetologist.

Easily Access Professional Knowledge

As a cosmetology school, Beauty Academy is one of the easiest to attend. You can sign up online for access to a vast variety of important courses. What’s even more important is that all the courses at Beauty Academy are taught by acclaimed instructors like Steve Preins. They teach courses that are approved and well-regarded throughout the industry.

Save Money

You can save money by bundling multiple courses, and several of them are even available for free. For example, if you need to acquire four hours’ worth of credits to complete the requirements for your state within a year, you save money if you purchase multiple courses that you need to meet those requirements at the same time. The bundles are easy to access on the same page as the course listings, so you can simply choose and check out. Then you can start your studies!


Cosmetologists, barbers, nail technicians and other beauty professionals should choose Beauty Academy because it provides affordable, high quality continuing education courses for students and professionals alike. Check out our courses to see which ones are right for your needs and career goals.

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