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Expert Interview Series: Nancy Faizabadi on Unlocking a New Sense of Self and Happiness

Self and happiness

When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, how do you feel about what you see? Does your reflection make you happy? Are you satisfied with how you see yourself? You should be!

However, if you’re like most people, no matter how much work you put in there’s always some subtle change you could make that would drastically enhance the feeling of satisfaction you get when you analyze your reflection.

One expert on this topic, Nancy Faizabadi, works as a hair stylist and art director at a salon in London, and is also the Founder of Nancy believes that a new hairstyle can be the key to unlocking a new sense of self and happiness.

What is your personal philosophy about the importance of working in the beauty industry?

There is a certain duality in my passion and what I do as a hair stylist. When a client walks out of my salon smiling, I get a great feeling of satisfaction. That is the main driving force in my business. But, like most artists, I also love to be inspired. That’s why I run the website. Having an outlet outside of my day-to-day work not only extends my passion, but also allows me to find inspiration in many other talented and wonderful artists from around the world. To an extent, I think every artist needs that.

Why did you choose the name “Short Hair Style?” Isn’t your website about ALL hairstyles?

My website isn’t really about all hairstyles, nor is it about me and what I do! It’s about the hairstyles that have the highest impact on someone’s life. Often, I find that short hairstyles fall nicely into that category.

And what kind of impact can a haircut actually have on a person’s life?

For a person who has never attempted to make a change before, a new haircut can be revolutionary. It will even change how a person thinks about their wardrobe, makeup, and other facets of their life.

How can something so simple make such a difference in a person’s self-esteem, confidence, etc.?

Style and fashion in general are a reflection of our personality and feelings. It’s a reflection of who we are. Every day, we stand in front of our mirrors, and the first thing we see is our hair. The first step in building confidence is to feel happy about what we see each time we look at ourselves in the mirror.

For those who are considering careers in beauty/cosmetology, what are the rewards that you see from being a part of this community?

It’s very simple. Working in the beauty industry means building endless avenues of success and financial security by making others happy.

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