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How to Handle Client Hair Loss

Cosmetology continuing education

Hair loss is a concern for both men and women; however, cosmetologists can suggest ways to combat hair loss.

As a hair stylist, one of the most important things you can do is establish a rapport with your clients. From the moment they walk in the door, you need to make them understand that you want them to look the best they can. This sense of trust goes a long way when you need to discuss thinning hair with clients.

How to Bring Up the Subject of Hair Loss

Discussing hair loss with a client can be complex. It largely depends on whether or not they are ready to discuss it. If it’s a new client, simply ask what they like or dislike about their hair. It might be easier to approach the subject with a long-time client by noting that their hair may be showing the effects of thinning, and discuss how this eventually happens to about 60 percent of people. You might be surprised by their response. Many will be glad you mentioned it and have a lot of questions. Generally, clients will fall into one of two groups: those who take a practical approach to the subject and those who are distraught. It’s up to you to make them feel comfortable and begin to look at what can be done.

You’re the Expert

Remember that you are a trained professional. You’ve attended school for cosmetology and probably already have taken cosmetology continuing education, so you know what to do. First, note where the thinning has occurred. The reasons differ, so question your client about whether this is something that runs in the family or not. Men often see a diminishing of the male hormone DHT. Women have a wider range of causes from diet to medications to stress and vitamin deficiency. So, get a handle on what may be the root cause. If it is a perplexing case, refer them to a dermatologist or a trichologist for a definitive reason.

Cosmetology continuing education

Changing to a different, shorter haircut or darkening the hair can help make hair loss appear less.

Client Hair Care

Sometimes a client unknowingly causes hair loss by styling or treating their hair in a way that damages the hair shaft. One of the most common ways this occurs is when the person pulls the hair back sharply. Overdrying the hair or using straighteners or dying the hair can have the same effect. Besides being more gentle with the hair, using volumizing shampoos may help immensely. Take the time to discuss the ways to bring hair back to a healthier state, and make concrete suggestions on how to accomplish it.

Information Clients Want and Need

Some salons offer reading material about ways to deal with thinning hair. You’d be surprised how much clients appreciate this. Suggestions on how to style hair to draw attention away from thin areas is another approach. Going shorter and layering the hair makes it appear fuller. Coloring the hair a few shades darker keeps the light from penetrating all the way to the scalp. This makes the thin areas less apparent.

Cosmetology continuing education

Exploring the different options to combat hair loss is helpful to clients.

Online Cosmetology Courses

As a cosmetologist, you need to take cosmetology continuing education to maintain your license. Make the time count with courses in hair care aimed at hair loss. Beauty Academy makes it easy by offering online courses. You can download the course, and pay when you take the test or have completed the material. It’s really simple to sign up, and with your busy schedule, it makes absolute sense to do it online.  To learn more about your continuing education options, check out our courses today.

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