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How to Make Your Nail Salon Bride-Friendly

Woman having her fingernails painted red.

Nail salons can build up a new clientele by offering bridal services.

If you own a nail salon, you know that bridal work is an excellent way to attract new customers. In addition, by helping a bride achieve the perfection she wants for that special day, it creates a bond between you and your client that is unbreakable. Your cosmetology education has taken you to great heights, and bridal work can help you establish yourself as a go-to place for those in need of magic. Let’s look at a few ways you can reach this summit.

Marketing Your Salon

Once you decide to do bridal work, you will need to get the word out. One of the best and least expensive ways to do that is through the use of social media. Fill your Facebook page with illustrations of the nail designs brides may want, not only for themselves but also for the bridesmaids, mothers, and other special participants in the wedding.

Use your own website to show what you have done for previous clients with well-done photos. It is not enough to post pictures of just one style. Diversity is key, so the more different types of photos and services you can post, the more likely that you will have something for everyone.

Bridal Shows Let You Meet Prospective Clients

Wedding planners and brides-to-be go to bridal shows. These shows are a great way for you to interact with both groups. If bridal shows are not common in your area, throw one. Another approach is to have a virtual show, giving people access to you online.

Finally, having a webinar where you and your staff talk about your services is generally well received. Make your event upbeat and fun wherever it is, leaving people with a good vibe about you and your salon.

Person getting their toenails painted.

When the bridal party has their nails done together right before the big event, it gives them time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

Give Out Literature

If you are at a bridal show, handouts are a great way to let people learn about your salon and its services. Perhaps, your salon offers wedding party plans or provides services uniquely linked to bridal parties.

Other literature can carry photos of the most innovative and popular nail styles that are currently favored. Some additional things you can hand out include a wedding calendar complete with your salon’s name and telephone number and your web address.

Get Your Name Out There

Depending on how you are interacting with prospective customers, make sure they remember your name. If you are at a bridal show, have useful items with your salon’s name on them. This can range from samples of nail products to colorful files.

If you are at a virtual show, offer downloads showing different ways to jazz up the wedding or what you can do to make everyone in the wedding party feel welcome. No matter what it is, your logo will be remembered.

Person getting their fingernails filed.

Pampering is what it’s all about for the bride’s big day.

Make Sure Your Staff Sells Your Brand

Every nail salon has a brand. Some are known as creative, while others might be traditional. Make sure any staff members who attend the bridal show exemplify that aura. Members should portray the professionalism that makes your salon stand out. It is a great idea to have staff sport the latest nail styles, giving patrons a look at the emerging trends.

Running a salon, putting on shows and working with clients takes an enormous amount of time. In addition to all this, you have to set aside some time to supplement your cosmetology education with continuing education courses.

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