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How to Use Your Hairstyling Skills to Help Others

Woman with auburn hair getting her hair styled.

Helping others is an excellent way to build a sense of companionship among stylists, and give back to the community at the same time.

Hair stylists already expand on their work by making their clients feel good about themselves, and helping others is a big part of cosmetology. Helping people outside the salon is a great way to make new friends, participate in the community, and serve others at the same time. Taking your continuing education classes at an approved cosmetology school online also helps by freeing up your time, letting you pursue the goal of helping people in a myriad of ways. Let’s take a look at the things a cosmetologist can do both inside and outside of the shop to help others.

The Issue of Homelessness

Being homeless is an issue countrywide. One problem is that, after spending days and nights on the street, the likelihood of securing a job is poor. We all know that future employers grade prospective workers on how they look. A lack of funds is one of the cores of homelessness. By offering haircuts and a chance to look the best they can at a job interview, you can change a person’s life.

Haircuts for the Homeless

Haircuts can help give the homeless a confidence boost. One hair stylist organized an event at her salon and invited the homeless population for a free cut. Local restaurants donated food and drinks, while others donated scarves and gloves to pass out for the winter weather. Those who were homeless and too often invisible to the rest of the public enjoyed the interaction, and the fresh haircuts put smiles on their faces.

Woman with long auburn hair getting her hair styled.

The homeless can find a new sense of purpose with a haircut or trim while knowing that someone cares about them.

Veterans Day Makeovers

There are plenty of opportunities to give back to the community during holidays. For example, for Veterans Day, a stylist can offer free hairstyling for veterans. So many veterans are struggling with finances after returning home, and the chance they can afford a good haircut may be diminished. Providing free haircuts gives both the stylist and the veteran a new outlook. It can make a vet feel appreciated for his or her service to our country while enjoying the company of others.

Screening for Moles That Are Suspicious

When performing salon services, hair stylists can keep an eye out for moles that look suspicious and need to be checked. Last year, it was a stylist who spotted an odd looking mole on a client’s head. After having it checked, the client discovered that she had melanoma, a type of skin cancer, in its early stages. Without the sharp eyes of the stylist, the client might not have discovered that she had skin cancer until it had progressed much further.

Beautiful woman getting her hair braided.

While helping others, a stylist can also watch for tell-tale signs of skin cancer or abuse.

Spotting Domestic Abuse

Helping clients can also occur in other settings. The signs of domestic abuse about the head and neck are often hidden by clients by covering the marks with their hair. A hair stylist may be the only other person to know the horror of another person’s life. While introducing the topic must be done in a delicate manner, allowing the person to know that someone else knows may help. While discussing the predicament may happen slowly, it gives the client an outlet for their situation.

Cosmetology School Was Just the Beginning

Cosmetology school is just the beginning of a journey. Cosmetologists have the potential to reach out to others in so many ways. However, with busy schedules and families of their own, cosmetologists must secure every moment they can. That is why they enjoy fulfilling their continuing education requirements with Beauty Academy.

We make it easy for you to download your course online as well as the test. When it is finished, we even let you download your certificate of completion. Reach out to us today as so many others have. Check out our courses now, and see how Beauty Academy can help you.

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