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How Your Salon Can Leverage Technology for Success

Woman getting her hair curled at a beauty salon.

Providing a convenient way for clients to connect improves revenue and builds clientele.

In the past ten years, the world has changed, particularly from a technological standpoint. We’ve emerged from a paper and pen society to one that relies on ways to communicate that include tablets and cell phones. Convenience has taken center stage as consumers can use their phone to find a commercial establishment, check the map to see where it is located and inquire about a product or business hours.

This is just as true for salons around the country. As you might have learned in cosmetology school, making the salon convenient for customers is what drives revenue along with service from great stylists. Let’s take a look at how you can use technology to build your salon’s clientele and revenue.

How Can Technology Help Set Up Appointments?

Let’s face it; people are accustomed to two things: quick turnaround and easy accessibility. In the past, when it was time to remind clients to make an appointment, hours were dedicated to calling clients every day. Now with the advent of artificial intelligence, salons can contact customers using text.

This is an improvement in two main ways. It allows the customer to check the text when they have time. Secondly, it gives the client time to check their schedule and set up an appointment that works for them. Artificial intelligence even confirms the appointment and is ready and waiting to make changes if the client wants to modify the appointment. Beyond that, it saves valuable and costly staff-hours, freeing employees to do other vital tasks.

Woman getting her nails done at a beauty salon.

Clients find it easy to make their own appointments to avoid scheduling conflicts.

How Well Does It Work?

For the most part, texting over calling or emailing works very well. Statistics show that people will read a text message within three minutes 90 percent of the time. Not only will they read the text but about 80 percent will respond, unlike with telephone calls and even emails. Some salons have said that this reduces the time salon employees spend on the phone every day by almost 40 percent.

What About Walk-Ins?

Many salons rely almost exclusively on a walk-in clientele. Using AI makes it easier for busy people who might decide to go to the salon at a moment’s notice. Using the salon’s website, customers are able to check how busy the salon is at any given time, see if their preferred stylist is available and check in online. This eliminates sitting in the salon until a stylist is ready and gives clients the chance to catch up on other errands or grab a bite to eat while waiting.

Man getting his hair washed at a beauty salon.

In addition to scheduling clients, walk-ins are more likely to drop in if they know the wait time is short.

Will AI Boost Your Business?

The answer to this is a resounding “yes.” Salons that have switched over to a technology-driven format are able to book more clients than ever before. In fact, for some, revenue has increased by 20 percent or more.

Artificial intelligence is able to answer routine questions from clients by assimilating the knowledge the owner feeds it as well as gleaning answers from Yelp and other sites. If a question requires human input, the new system will turn the customer over to an employee. Using AI makes your salon more user-friendly and keeps clients happy.

How to Save Time Online at a Cosmetology School

Use technology to complete your continuing education needs as a cosmetologist. Instead of attending brick and mortar schools, it is possible to take online courses. This saves time since you can complete the course whenever it is convenient for your busy schedule.

At Beauty Academy, just go to our website and download the course. You can even download the test and your completion certificate once you are done. If you have questions, just dial our toll-free number to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives. We have you covered! Check out our courses to see how easy and convenient it is to complete your educational requirements.

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