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JC Penney Gives Its Salons a Makeover

Bad hair days can be a thing of the past for patrons of JC Penney’s beauty salons. The department store has long been known for having salons to allow customers to enjoy being pampered with beauty treatments while enjoying a day of shopping. Now JC Penney has announced that it is going to be giving its hair salons a rather large makeover.

Salon makeover

The new changes add up to great news for cosmetologists.

Renaissance for Beauty

In what is speculated to be a bid to attract a clientele that includes more young people, JC Penney is going to invest more money and resources into its 850 full service salons. The ultimate goal, of course, is that these customers will choose to stay in the store and do additional shopping in addition to indulging in beauty treatments.

Salon makeover

JC Penney and InStyle are two of a kind.

The Details on What’s Happening

JC Penney will be partnering with “InStyle” magazine as part of its endeavor to give the salons full makeovers. The salons will soon have a whole new, even more beautiful aesthetic, and the name will change as well. In July of this year, fifteen of these new salons will be opened to the public. By 2016, they will all debut with the implemented changes. All 850 of the JC Penney salons are going to be renamed. They will be called The Salon by InStyle.

Customized Changes

JC Penney knows that, while they do have beauty salon all over the country, not all regions are alike, and not all customers want the same experience. It is redoing its salons in Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles with wider entrances, chic furniture, and new art on the walls. Additionally, the Dallas and Los Angeles locales are going to have a loft feel when they reopen.

Why It Matters

JC Penny is one of the biggest operators of salons in the country, so this announcement has repercussions throughout the beauty industry. This vote of confidence in the future success of the salons is likely to inspire competitors to also up their game when it comes to paying for quality cosmetologists, updated equipment, and d├ęcor for beauty parlors.

This is good news for cosmetologists and future cosmetologists because it shows that long-term investors in the field see good things just around the bend in the beauty field. Because JC Penney is changing the salons on every level, it shows that, as long as beauty salons are willing to adapt and pay attention to the needs of its target clientele, it can succeed in changing times. Never before has the field of cosmetology been in the process of transforming at such a rapid pace, and the direction it’s going in is up.


The future is looking very bright for cosmetologists. Not only are top salons investing more into the growth of the ever-expanding industry, but the career outlook for a cosmetologist has never been better. Job growth is expected to steadily continue. Check out our courses for more information on the exciting things you can study in cosmetology school, and you may find yourself soon working in one of the new, nifty salons at JC Penney.

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