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Online Cosmetology Classes in Texas: What You Need to Know

Online cosmetology classes

Learning new techniques helps a cosmetologist stay ahead of the business competition.

The U.S. Department of Labor has said that the need for cosmetologists is expected to grow exponentially through 2018 and beyond and that includes Texas. The need is due to population growth and the increased use of hair coloring services for both young and older people. Manicurists and pedicurists are also expected to see an increase in needed services due to the growth in the nail salon and spa sector. Specialists in skin care, as well as estheticians, will be looking at the bright prospect of a 38 percent increase in available jobs. Retiring workers in all cosmetology fields will also pave the way for newcomers to the field.

Good Time to Become a Texas Cosmetologist

Since the need for cosmetologists around the country is expected to climb over the next few years, that makes it a good time to study cosmetology or sharpen your skills in this up and coming field. Once licensed, an operator is required to take continuing education courses to retain their license. What easier way to comply with educational requirements than by taking online cosmetology classes? That way, renewing your license is easy and convenient.

Licensing Requirements for a Cosmetologist in Texas

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations posts the education requirements necessary for licensing in the various areas of cosmetology. The hours of study required depends on the type of license being sought. A cosmetologist operator license requires 1,500 hours of training to obtain this license. Alternately, the applicant can have 1,000 hours of training with an additional 500 hours of relevant classes in high school. A license for a manicurist takes 600 hours of study and for an esthetician requires 750 hours. To be licensed in both takes 1,200 hours. After passing the skills test and written test, the applicant can apply for licensing accompanied by the fee of $50.

Online cosmetology classes

Trends change. Continuing education helps keep cosmetologists in the know.

License Renewal Requirements

In Texas, a cosmetologist, esthetician or manicurist must complete 4 hours in continuing education every two years to renew their licenses. The starting date of this two-year period is tied to the date the license was originally issued. The cost to renew a license is $50 once the requirement for continuing education has been completed. Out of the required four hours study, three hours must be related to methods and the fourth hour of study related to sanitation.

Continuing Education Carries Many Benefits

There are additional benefits for a cosmetologist to take continuing education courses, in addition to the renewal of their license.

  • Increasing skills by learning the latest techniques is an important part of retaining regular clients and attracting new ones.
  • Continuing education is a good way to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Business courses help a business owner learn how to be successful and train those who want to open their own businesses.
  • Certification in new areas of cosmetology can help expand a business to bring in more clients and increase revenue.

Finding the Right Online Cosmetology Classes

While there are many options for taking continuing education classes on the internet, not all of those offers are legitimate. In order to offer continuing education classes in cosmetology in Texas, the company has to be preapproved by the TDLR. Otherwise, when the cosmetologist, esthetician or manicurist is ready to renew their license, the online classes they have taken will not be accepted.

Cosmetology classes

More and more women want professional help to look their best.

Continuing Education Courses

Beauty Academy is a popular go-to source for Texas cosmetology classes online and is approved by the TDLR. Offered in both English and Spanish, you can choose from the four-hour cosmetology course, the four-hour manicurist course or the four-hour esthetician course. You don’t even have to pay for the course before you have completed it, and no exam is required to pass.

The good news is you don’t have to complete the course you choose in one sitting, something that people with busy lives appreciate. You have the option to save what you’ve already done, take your time and finish the course at your convenience. Once it is completed, and the discounted fee of $29 is paid, we will send you your completion certificate.

We also report the results to the TDLR, making it easy for you to renew your license. Our courses can be completed from anywhere in Texas, and phone support is available for any questions you might have. This support is something all our students enjoy. Check out our courses to find out more.

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