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How a Customer Loyalty Program Could Help Your Salon Business

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There are many ways to institute a customer loyalty program. They can be inexpensive to run and just require a little imagination.

It’s a lot more expensive for a salon owner to bring in new clients than to keep existing ones. However, customer loyalty can be fleeting if those customers are offered a better deal elsewhere. This is why instituting a loyalty or rewards program can help convince customers that they are not only welcome but valued as clients. Following are some of the ways to entice return customers, and make your regulars even happier.

What Are Loyalty or Rewards Programs?

An average client participates in at least 14 loyalty or rewards programs as reported by the 2017 Loyalty Report. These programs reward returning customers in a variety of ways. This is a big incentive for salon owners to set up their own program, and there are many ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Offer a Birthday Special

Setting up a birthday special is one of the easiest customer loyalty bonuses for a salon owner. Simply pick up a blank notebook and begin recording clients’ names, birthdays and email addresses. Then send them a discount coupon that can be used on their birthday. The next thing you know, they will be telling their friends how well they are treated by your salon.

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Most people are familiar with programs that offer bonuses through a points system, so they provide that extra touch that clients appreciate.

Institute a Points System

These are popular loyalty programs, and many people have points system cards for their favorite stores. Why not your salon? All you have to do is decide what will earn a client points. These may be through referrals, appointments or even the purchases of beauty supplies sold at the salon.

Also, if the store has an app, you may want to add extra points for a download. For example, a referral may be worth 300 points, an appointment may be worth 100 and using the online app may have a value of 200 points.

Punch Cards

Punch cards are an easy way to encourage clients to take advantage of a loyalty program. For example, hand out punch cards that give a 20 percent discount after the client has visited the salon a certain number of times.

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Offering discounts can help bring in new clients, and other rewards programs can help make them regulars.

Offering Discounts to First-Time Clients

Offering a discount to a first-time client is a good way to get new people in the door to try your services. While some people are happy with the salons they use, hairdressers, manicurists, and others come and go. This is a good opportunity to bring in clients who are looking for a new salon. Knowing that a salon has a loyalty program can also work in the salon’s favor because many clients are looking to save money.

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