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Six Reasons Beauticians Need Continuing Education

It is important for cosmetologists to further their education so that they remain knowledgeable about the latest styles and techniques. Taking a few courses will keep beauticians moving forward and allow them to become well-rounded in the industry. Here are the top six reasons behind the need for continuing education. Maintain Licensing Requirements Different states […]

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Why Do I Need Continuing Educaton in Cosmetology?

Many individuals wrongly believe that cosmetology doesn’t undergo many changes that require continued education. It is true that practices do not change often. However, safety standards and laws do update on occasion, necessitating continued education in the cosmetology field. Safety and sanitation standards may change, requiring training in order to safely assist clients. Without attending […]

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How Do Online Cosmetology Classes Work?

Students who do not have the time or availability to take cosmetology classes at a local institution or college may wish to take online cosmetology classes instead. Many of these programs offer the same education you would receive in person, but with the flexibility of online education. However, depending on your state, you may not […]

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How to Determine Your Specialty in Cosmetology

The coursework in cosmetology school typically covers the important techniques for working with hair, nails, esthetics, and other areas of the industry. You also have the option to specialize in one or more of these areas, which most people do before starting their careers. It can be difficult to choose which one, but by asking […]

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What Kind of Education is Required to Become a Cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist typically works in a salon or spa to provide hair care, facials, scalp treatments, nail care, and other beauty treatments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest data, the expected 10-year job growth is 13 percent, and the median salary is $23,140. Although attending university is not required to become a cosmetologist, […]

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