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7 Ways to Attract Male Clients to Your Salon

Running your own salon business is something for which your cosmetology education likely prepared you, at least partially. In short, it means providing your clients with the services they want and doing it in a way that says you are are the go-to place for the perfect look. One important facet of running a business […]

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Should You Buy an Existing Salon?

After you have completed your cosmetology education and gotten some experience under your belt, you might buy your own salon. Many cosmetologists purchase existing salons to build the business quickly, but you have a lot to think about before you do this. Take caution and consider these factors before signing a contract. Profitability Before you buy […]

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What Steps Can You Take to Create an Eco-Friendly Salon?

People are bombarded throughout the day with chemicals included in their foods and their home products. One idea that is fast taking hold and becoming popular is the eco-friendly salon. With concern about the climate and sustainability, going eco-friendly is something that clients will appreciate as a salon reduces their exposure to potentially harmful products. […]

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