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How to Build a Stellar Cosmetology Brand Part Two: Marketing Essentials

The first article of this four-part series spoke about establishing your brand identity and building your website. Once your website is up, you need to build your brand identity, using both content and conventional marketing tools. Remember, the bottom line is to get customers to your door. Content Marketing Content marketing is much more than […]

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Ease the Pain of Cancer with Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has become an integral part of healing for many cancer patients. It is a therapeutic regimen recognized by leading cancer centers nationwide. It is offered in hospitals, infusion centers, patient rooms, and in patient homes. Training for cancer massage is available, and for practitioners, it is a rewarding experience. Types of Massage Therapy […]

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Expert Interview series: Lee Chen With Advice for New Business Owners on Setting Up a Business Structure

Lee Chen is an attorney at the California office of Kyler Kohler Ostermiller & Sorensen, where he works with best-selling author, national speaker, and radio show host Mark J. Kohler. His firm, KKOS Lawyers, bills itself as the entrepreneur’s law firm. He and his colleagues specialize in setting up structures for small businesses. They start […]

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