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Do You Need a Branded Salon App?

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Adding a mobile app to enhance a salon experience is good business as it keeps clients informed about special offers, sends reminders, and tempts them to try new services.

Mobile apps enhance our smartphone experience, and a growing number of Americans live on their phones. In fact, many of us spend up to five hours each day peering at what’s happening on the small screen in our hand. Advertisers have capitalized on this trend by urging businesses to amplify their brand recognition by using apps that customers can download. Since projections show that over 321 billion downloads are expected by 2021, now is the time to get onboard utilizing what you’ve learned in cosmetology continuing education to polish your brand.

What Is a Branded App?

A branded app is one that provides relevant and compelling information that make the user’s life easier and invigorating. Usually, user-friendly and indispensable, the apps are seen as powerful ways of giving the customer something that will be engaging, helpful, or fun. An example would be an auto insurance app that helps the customer remember when it is time for car maintenance.

Salons Jump on the Branded App Trend

Your clients will be appreciative of your efforts to make their life easier. For instance, using your app, they can book an appointment, check up on when they were last in, and receive promos of events or news of items your salon is offering. All these tempting offers and information arrive on their cell phones without having to go to your website. The immediacy of this is a primary reason for establishing your branded app and putting it in all its efficient splendor on their phone.

Person looking at hair colors on a tablet.

Mobile apps are useful inside the salon so that clients can choose hairstyles, color treatments, and more.

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are an expedient way to communicate with your clients. It is a basically a message that flashes on a person’s screen, announcing something of interest. For instance, if your salon is offering discounts on certain products or a percentage decrease in specific salon services on a particular day, the notification will announce that.

Your Branded App Can Be a Salon Showcase

Make your clients part of the salon’s progress as you showcase your favorite styles. Show them before and after pics without the need for them to search your site. Other ways to entice clients is to give them an idea of how the stylists are taking steps such as cosmetology continuing education courses or attending shows around the country or the world to hone their craft, which draws the client into your orbit. By showing them a particular makeover, they may want to try that look even sooner than their next scheduled visit. With the app, they can book their appointment immediately.

Woman taking on the phone smiling.

Make your branded salon’s app fun by adding games offering discounts, pricing deals, and other coupons.

Incorporate Games Into the App

MyDash has a new game you can incorporate into your app. It allows the user to spin and possibly win a salon giveaway. The gifts could be coupons, discounts, or a price decrease on a particular service such as hair color or haircuts. You customize the game of spin for “prizes” any way that suits you and your salon’s needs.

Living on the Go

Like most of your customers, you live on the go. Whether it’s using your cell phone to shop around for the best deal or advertising your salon, you probably do it online. Add your continuing cosmetology education courses to the list. With Beauty Academy’s online courses, you don’t have to worry about getting to a brick and mortar classroom ever again.

Instead, download our course material, and study whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You can just download the test too, and submit your answers online. You’ll also receive your certificate of completion online. Call us if you have any questions, and our representatives are waiting to answer.  Check out our courses to find the easy way to complete your educational requirements.

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