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8 Characteristics of Successful Salons

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Successful salons use a number of methods to improve business and bring in new clients.

Salons that are popular and successful often have certain things in common. In part, it is through the recruiting of good employees and keeping up with the latest popular hairstyles and trends. However, it may also include keeping both clients and employees happy to reduce turnover.

Because there is a lot of competition among salons, standing out among the crowd is how a salon rises to the top. Your cosmetology license got you into the profession you love, and continuing education courses can help you reach that pinnacle of success. Following are eight of the characteristics you will find in the most successful salons.

1. Every Client Is Special

Keeping clients happy involves more than a good haircut or other services. By focusing on clients every time they visit and making them feel special, you ensure repeat visits and word of mouth praise that can bring in new customers.

2. Embrace Technology

Keeping up with technology is important in any business. Rather than using old-fashioned techniques, software geared toward salons can keep a business running smoothly. From scheduling and marketing to sending out automated emails with specials, there is technology that can take a salon to the next level. New techniques for marketing your salon may be a welcome addition.

3. Keep it Clean

Clients view the cleanliness of a business as part of the reason they go there. Dirty bathrooms, hair on the floor and untidiness shows that the salon is not as professional as it should be. Salons should be kept in spotless condition, and this also applies to the hairdresser. Sloppy attire and unkempt hair can prompt a client look for a new salon.

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Happy employees and clients who feel special in your salon are the key to a successful business.

4. Communication Is Key

Being able to communicate well with clients and employees is a prime factor in the success of a salon. Communication skills needed in a salon include ironing out problems and building a good rapport with clients.

5. Employee Recruiting

Having employees who are both skilled and fit in with your business model is vital to a salon’s success. It can be helpful when interviewing new hires to prepare a list of questions that can help weed out those who don’t seem to be a good fit for your salon and identify the ones who are.

6. Keep an Eye on Growth Indicators

The amount of revenue coming into a salon each month is only one indicator of a successful business. Salon owners also need to focus on the number of new clients that start coming to the salon and whether or not they make return visits. Other indicators of business growth include the average amount being spent in the salon and how often clients come in for appointments.

Cosmetology school

Having a feeling of camaraderie among employees in a stress-free environment helps retain workers.

7. Work Toward Having Employees Happy

It’s one thing to hire a talented new employee. Now you also have to work toward keeping them, and that is accomplished by engaging them and making them feel as though they are part of the team. Some find that instead of meetings that are nothing more than making announcements, occasionally adding in a salon-oriented game can elevate everyone’s mood.

8. Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities

Salons that emphasize education tend to perform better financially than those that don’t. In fact, some salons pay for their employees to take continuing education courses. Also, some set aside a little time on a regular basis to help new employees, and others bring in outside talent to spend time sharing and training employees on new trends and techniques. This is not only a positive move for the stylists working there, but it also provides a valuable perk to retain talented employees.

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